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Regional Weather Data for Annapolis

USNA (Weatherbug)
Thomas Pt.
Wind Forecast
Mid Bay Buoy
Annapolis - NOAA
Chesapeake Light (Mouth of Bay)
Chesapeake Bay NOAA Text
Tide Levels
Tide/Current Thomas Point
Annapolis - WC
Annapolis - WU
Intellicast Annapolis


Regional Weather Data for No. Virginia

No. VA - Weather Channel
No. VA - Weather Underground (Radar+)
No. VA - AWS

Regional Weather Data for Central Florida

Central Florida - Weather Channel
Central Florida - Weather Underground

Hurricane and Weather Tracking

Hurricane Tracker Live Webcam
Nat Hurricane Center
NOAA News & Hi-Res Images
Storm Surge/Tide Tracking
Cape Lookout, NC


Annapolis City Dock Webcam
Inner Harbor Baltimore
Ocean City, MD
Navy Elementary Herndon, VA
Hutchison Elementary, Herndon
Annapolis Camera
Niagara Falls Camera